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The 30 Most Hilariously Insane Public Transit Passengers of all Time

by Qunki Team | hilarious
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When you are the one who lives in a metropolitan city, you will have that wonderful privilege of chances to see some of the extremely interesting people traveling with you. While you use the city’s public mass transportation regularly, you are ought to travel with those strange people who are in many ways exceptional. So, the people of major cities are lucky enough to meet those special ones who make us watch them twice.

In this post, only a few of the exceptional cases are under deliberation. They are exceedingly performing out of their limits, which become a source of menace to the public. Here are some of the 30 most insane diamonds who love to travel in general conveyances around the city.


This personality is shot special for two reasons. One is all about his attire. The man in this picture is perfect in carrying his accessories but failed to hold his attire. Another one is his way of highlighting the vacant seat without occupying the same. Why should he do that? What is he all about?


Are these girls crazy? Or are they making the public go craze on them? The girls here are trying to cover their face for some reasons but wanted to be played up. They have purposely used such masks, which makes the public look at them in a double take. Maybe, for this reason, they are hopefully shining brighter than others.


The person is carrying his gun as if a child holds his toy. Is it real? Whatever, but the way he is holding his unusual carriage can make the public stare at him. He is the individual who is not capable of traveling in a public transit. Dare will you?


This is what happens when you are over drunk. He is unstable and not in his right mind. Due to the sole reason that he has drunk excessively, he is one among the bonkers and stamped as insane.


They are cute little adults in their abnormal appearances. Both are unique in their attitudes and do not hesitate to travel in a public transit. Nothing stops them to mingle among the public and on the other hand, nothing stops the public to put their twin gaze over them.


Here comes the poor little lady who gets no time to perform her routine back in the home. There are no special comments on this woman. The thing that is strange about her is the courage to sit in a public transit and perform such an act. Is she trying to complete her homework or her actual work before reaching home?


The man is capable enough to own a ticket to travel in such a high-class public transit, but the poor guy has no bucks to own a shirt. Maybe people look at him for his all-new fashion that can smash out the ramp. However, the attire is worth enough to make him warm and cozy to sleep tight.


When you are conscious about the trend and alternatively, if you are in need to overcome the fashion hit, then this must be the seasonal outfit that you need to try at once. The man is fully covered with woolen knots to make himself withstand the season’s weather. But you need to make up your mind that not all will admire it.


This ill-minded lady is dared enough to safeguard her pet in the coziest way. Is not it looking very unusual? Of course, it makes the spectators give an ugly look over the woman. But look at the way she is capable enough to handle such taunting act.


Is there anything special about the portray? Yes, the special thing is it’s gruesome and monstrous ambiance. But the young man is bold enough to carry this thing with him in a public transit. Just put a salute to him.


The man goes wild here. This old man wants to hoick up his looks by adding more of wildness. The dress that he chose helps him in attaining his goal. But one thing, he is valiant enough to face the gossiping people around him in the common transit also. The one who got the chance to look him up feels really awkward to mingle with such personality.


Women are said to be the feasts of beauty. But there are also some who prove it to be not so. What is the intention of this woman? Does she want all of them to glance at her or is she really smart enough to travel in this public transit with no fear of holding tight? Nothing is clear.


Oops, she could have packed it in either way. To the kids, she would be as much as funny as she is embarrassing for the adults. In all the ways, she is not correct. She should have opted other possible ways to make those odd things transport safely.


The man seems to be dressed perfectly for the weather. But with the long comical hat and with two pairs of glasses, does not he declare that he is mentally ill. The poor old man, should someone direct him the right way to dress along with the right way to intermingle with the normal public?


A great applause to the lady sitting beside this insane. Is this mean the public transportation is common to all such dramas? After a certain limit, all these fancy dresses will become a nuisance to the general people traveling along with them. Not always they are welcome.


Everyone does get sleep while they travel in any of the public transits. This is of course normal. But it does not denote that the public vehicles are meant only for this sole purpose. It makes no difference unless otherwise, such drowsy people disturb the public by any means.


What about this guy? Does he not have a real home for himself? It is truly a nuisance and offensive act that is intruding on all the people around him. He should have at least a fistful of sense. Otherwise, normal ones dare to do such an act or may be called as a spectacular play, in the public.


What is this man likely to do? A stunt to impress his girlfriend? But this is not the right way nor the right spot. He may damage the public property and may be sentenced to any sort of punishments by the government. Hope someone should convey this thing to him. It is strange that these modern day guys are so ignorant about such norms.


Is she Alien? Yes, those funky dressed guys wanted to be more like anomalous humans. If not real, they dress up themselves and pretend to be not the survivors of Earth. All the way through, they do not excite any of the public but do make a menace.


Sympathy for the little one! Does the man, who is more likely to be a father, is aware of the kid belted behind him? What about his mom? This is what makes them look insane by the common public around them. Such a person could not belong to the normal ones. Either of the parents or both may be too insane.


Sleep is the favorite activity played by most of them who used to travel regularly. As said earlier, it is entertained to its fullest when these people make no irritant to the public. Look at this man, seizing the hilarious shot to post in the social media. He is much delighted in doing it so. The girl may regret when she comes to know about this comical scene.


Does the public transit around the city allow transportation of such modules too? Check out this extreme nuisance created by this young lady. Neither is she bothered about her persona nor is she worried about the trouble that she is offering to everyone out there. Because of such daring personalities, the common statute rules are thus not escorted.


Poor man! He is not much excited as for how we as the public, get more out of it. He is worried about the safety and handling of his thing, whereas the public gets to the next level of thinking. No one is going to stop him but his own entity should have prevented him in doing so.


Kids will enjoy this milieu. But please make a note that only kids, and not the adults who would get more irritant to travel along with such fellow buddies. These venturesome individuals do not really care about the fellow mate traveling with them and they need to just reach their destination. Their sole intention seems to be more likely as selfish.


Now, what is wrong with him? Is he the one with Amnesia? If at all he is suffering from such kind of memory loss, then why can’t he realize when people are staring at him. Henceforth, he might be a kind of psychotic personality, doing such an irrational act. Who is going to stop him?


This guy wants none to use the public transit for the day. He is very specific about his workout or maybe his sleep, whatever. But it is for sure that he is going to be caught by the cops. Such dramatic people also exist in this vast spread modern world, to flout the regulations.


Hey, it looks like they are finding their way to Disney land! But let them make sure they had boarded the determined transit to reach their destination. The day is again for the kids. One good thing that may follow such a scenario is, the screaming of kids with laughter and excitement when they are traveling with them.


Such people board the city’s transits only to perform their potentiality and get focused at least for a while. What do you think the man is up to? The Spider-Man, if not real in life, at least as a reel in life. But one should really appreciate the job performed by this man. His short-term nuisance is a kind of amusement for the public traveling with him in the public transit.


These people should have the least sense that some of the kids too are traveling along with them. They are extra-ordinarily performing a forbidden act in the public. Henceforth, they are named as the certifiably insane psyches with their unsound mind.


We are able to predict that he is a clown packing up to exhibit his performance in the circus. But he could have used any other option to reach his destination rather appearing as a show-piece, here in the public. Everything looks fine but is not that good to be spotted among the public.

All the characters discussed above are good examples of insane diamonds. No one is a kind of least example when each one is weighed up side by side. Every individual has worked for his/her best to attain their unbalanced and unhinged personality, hidden within them. Even if some people easily get annoyed with such performers acting in the public transit, still some are interested to give a glance on their glimpses.

As an ending statement to enclose this post, one should never annoy or displease anyone in any circumstances. Before acting or performing frantically among the public, one should know their limits and should not be a kind of disruption to anyone.

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