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12 Secret fat burning foods that you should add in your diet

by Qunki Team | health and fitness
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Burning the fat accumulated in our body is one of the toughest things in our life. However, the following food items make fat burning an easy affair. The 12 foods mentioned below will make your waistline sleek the moment they are consumed by you. Ensure these 12 food items take a permanent place on your shopping list every time you go out on shopping

1 Grape Fruit

are grapes a fat burning food

Eating food items rich in Vitamin C will make your fat burn faster than expected. Ensure you consume at least half Grape Fruit as a part of your breakfast. You can also eat Grape Fruit half an hour before every meal time. Grape Fruit makes you feel full which in turn avoids indulging in overeating.

2 Black Pepper

5 fat burning foods that you can find at home

Black Pepper has an ingredient named Piperine which acts as an agent that reduces the development of fat cells in the body. Black Pepper helps people shed weight by increasing the body metabolism. People who have been dieting hard eating bland foods can breathe freely now that they can add Black Pepper to their food and make it spicy

3 Cinnamon

belly fat burning food list

Cinnamon provides multiple health benefits to people. It controls uncontrollable appetite in men thus brings their eating habits under control. Cinnamon can be consumed by mixing the same with drinks like coffee, tea, and raw Yogurt.

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4 Eggs

are eggs a fat burning food

Eggs which are usually very low in calories are rich in many nutrients. The Protein content found in eggs is approximately 7 grams. Eating an egg for breakfast is considered to be reducing the hunger levels during the whole of the day. Remember, the Yolk is high in cholesterol content and so eating that part in a limited manner is advisable.

5 Fruits, in particular, Apples

are apples a fat burning food

While satisfying the taste buds in a considerable manner, Fruits, in particular, Apples helps in losing weight through the rich fiber content in the same. They tackle the sweet tooth effectively without causing any harmful effects on the body which regular sugars do. When consumed with the skin, the fiber and water content of them make you feel filled up suppressing your appetite.

6 Green Tea

accelerated fat burning food list

The ingredient named phytochemical catechins present in Green Tea speeds up body metabolism and battles fat accumulation in the body. While adding mint, honey or Lemon in Green Tea adds to the taste factor, it also helps in a huge manner to burn body fat with increased speed

7 Blue Berries

belly fat burning food

Consuming Blue Berries in the form of Pancakes and Muffins is a wrong way to eating them. Eating them this way doesn't really make the high levels of insoluble fiber present in them reach you entirely. Blueberries are rich in antioxidant qualities and taste good too. They are very low in calories and can be consumed adding them to smoothies or salads

8 Almonds

almonds fat burning food

The best among the foods that help to lose weight in a speedy manner, Almonds are rich in fiber content. They are adequately rich in healthy fats, fiber, and Protein. Take them everywhere you go so that they remain your permanent habit irrespective of the place you are in

9 Hot Peppers

accelerated fat burning food list

Capsaicin, the key ingredient in Red Peppers is capable of suppressing your hunger for long periods of time. Jalapenos, Habaneros, and Cayenne Peppers are some types of Hot Peppers that can be added to your diet regularly

10 Coffee

abdominal fat burning food

Caffeine in Coffee is known to speed up the body mechanism. Remember, this happens only when Coffee is consumed with adding cream or sugar. Drinking a maximum of 3 cups of Coffee per day speeds up the metabolism which in turn burns calories in huge levels

11 Quinoa

best fat burning food for breakfast

There are different types of Carbs available for consumption. While some Carbs make you put on weight, some Carbs helps you lose weight rapidly. Quinoa is one such Carb which helps in losing weight. Quinoa is adequately packed with fiber and protein which are capable of making people feel filled up. This low glycemic index Carbs does not meddle with your blood sugar levels but pulls you away from craving for sugar.

12 Vegetables

belly fat burning vegetarian foods

No one can lose weight without adding vegetables to their diet. The high levels of fiber and nutrition content in vegetables keep you feel filled up for long times. Ensure your consume at least 2 to 3 cups vegetables every day so that you can make your waistline slim and trim. If vegetables are not your favorites, blend them and eat them as a mix

This list will not be complete if we do not mention some more food items that help you lose weight in a rapid manner. Beans, Watermelon, Oatmeal, Lean meats, Sweet Potatoes and Greek Yogurt are some of the food items you need to add to your diet regularly to burn the excess fat in your body in a rapid manner

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