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14 Truths About Married Life That Nobody Will EVER Tell You

by Qunki Team | relationship and lovelife
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The truths that no one will tell you about married life

1 Say Goodbye To All Your Money

Single life is great. You have all this money and the only person there is to spend it on is yourself. Yeah, that all changes when you get married

2 Food Fights

When you're living together, food becomes a major source of conflict. Youll need to be very clever if you don't want your share to be taken

3 Dont Do This

It's probably not a good idea to check out other girls on your wedding day In front of your wife While they're taking wedding photos

4 Funny Guy

I can't tell if this guy is making a joke or he's really this stupid Either way, its funny as hell

5 He Gave Up

Your wife will be asking you to do all kinds of tasks Some of them will seem impossible.

6 Always Lie

Okay, lying is not a good idea in general. But when she asks you Do I look fat, always, always lie.

7 20 Years Down The Drain

Take a long hard look at this family. It will be you in 20 years.

8 The Battle Begins

Enjoy having a bed to yourself while you can. Women can be very possessive when it comes to who gets the blanket. In other words, you'll be sleeping on a tiny part of the bed with no blanket for the rest of your life.

9 An Uncomfortable Truth

You better get used to hearing your partner fart. Because now you're married, they're not going to care about those little things like holding in their flatulence anymore.

10 Big Mistake

To most guys, this seems like an honest mistake. He mistook blackberries for blueberries, so what, right? But to women, this kind of thing is unforgivable, and you will never hear the end of it.

11 Waiting

Get used to waiting for your wife to get ready, guys. If you add up all of the time you wait for your wife, it'll probably add up to years. Years.

12 Women Are Psychopaths

Nothing will ever prepare you for how much psychological warfare women are capable of waging on their husbands. If you don't go insane, it will be a miracle.

13 The Truth

This image is not as glamorous as most people imagine their married lives to be. But this is the truth. This is what your life will be like. Get used to it.

14 Marriages Today

Today, we socialize with our partners by sitting side by side and going on the computer for hours every day. It's sad, but god damn its true. We spend more time looking at a computer screen than into the eyes of our loved ones.

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