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Hilarious High School Memes From Tumblr To Make Your Day

by Qunki Team | others
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Who doesn’t love high school? Infact you look forward to being an adult and all those butterflies in the stomach with the new prospects of crushes and dates. High school is the time of life and these memes perfectly sum up these golden years. Have fun freshman’s and seniors alike over these rib tickling slice of reality.

Hit Me
Seniors First Day
Time To Chill
College Supplies
Yahoo Answers
Group Project
All In This Together
Hell Yeah
Beautiful Day
Rewrite Shrek
Very Sad Face
Deadline Extension
Getting Home
Year Off
Homework Time
Hows School
Word Count
Correct Answer
School Tomorrow
School Pictures
Multiple Choice
Not Going To Miss It
Passing Exams
Missing Class
Sleep Schedule
Tumblr School Attendance
Not Understanding
Tumblr School Rich Businessmen
At Home
Jim Clothes
Tumblr School Movie
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