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Epic Cosplay Fails: These Are Worst Costumes You Will Ever See

by Qunki Team | others
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Don’t have a Halloween costume or your mom chosing it for you? Then be prepared to get hounded by bad memories for a lifetime. Cosplay is a wonderful art but certainly not for everyone.

Adventure Time
Hilarious Cosplay Fails
Bert And Ernie
Funny Cosplay Fails Captain Planet
Cosplay Gone Terribly Wrong Avatar
Cosplay Gone Terribly Wrong Homer Simpson
Cosplay Gone Terribly Wrong Wall E
Cosplay Gone Terribly Wrong Zangief
Creepy Smurfs
Dollar Store Sonic
Duct Tape Ninja Turtles
Ghoul Furby
Gizmo Cosplay Fails
Lame Dragon
Leeloo Multipass
My Little Pony Cosplay Fail
Lonely Sailor Moon
Man Baby Darth
No Effort Spongebob
Optimus Prime
Patty And Selma
Portly Spiderman
Sad Iron Man
Sad Star Wars
Funny Cosplay
Scary Wonder Woman
Funny Cosplay Fails
Team Rocket
Tin Foil Silver Surfer
Cosplay Fails
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