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Surprising Facts About Your Favorite Celebrities You Didn't Know Before

by Qunki Team | celebrities
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The life of celebrities is very much different than that of normal people. We are always thrilled and excited to know about the activities that are carried inside the house of every celebrity. Like normal people, celebs also go through a lot of ups and downs in their life. This also makes them change their way of life and even a lot of habits and interests. Some of their interests easily gain the attention of the audience. Here are some surprising facts about our favorite celebrities -


Steve Jobs has been on the news for his very much weird habits. Some people also label him as mentally unstable. But he has been able to make a breakthrough in the stress relief technique. His secret has been the habit of dipping his feet in toilet water. His friends have, in fact, revealed that he had very poor hygiene in his early days.


David Bowie's death has been tragic news for every one of us. However, some of his secrets openly came out in public. When he was 15 years old, a quarrel with a girl resulted in his left eye's pupil getting dilated as a result of a punch. But his eye later became a reason for his success as it gave him an exotic look.


Martha Stewart started her career as a model at the age of 15. Famous companies like Unilever and Channel were highly impressed by her smile. Some skeletons were discovered in her closet recently. This was because, in 1960, she was a part of a campaign that was advocating smoking.


Nicolas Cage has been a part of a trip to the wonderland because of his closeness with magic mushrooms. In this situation, the stash was found by his cat, and he together started feasting on it. He later confessed this event openly once in a Letterman's show.


Bill Murray started his career at the age of 20. He was also a student of medicine at that time. Once in an airport at Chicago, he joked with a fellow passenger about carrying bombs in his luggage. When the passenger complained about it to the security, they found around 4 kg of marijuana in Bill's suitcase.


Natalie Portman has done some very good roles on screen. Most people don't know that she took a break from acting for four years to get enrolled at Harvard University. However, in between, she did appear in "Star Wars Episode II - Attack of the Clones." She also later provided some input for two papers.


Tom Hanks is one of those rare actors who has been a recipient of Oscar for two times. His followers, however, don't know that he was a choice for narrating the "Killing Lincoln" documentary in the year 2013. At President Obama's inauguration in 2009, he also read the Gettysburg address.


Oprah has been one of the most influential women of this world. But actually, her real name is not Oprah. It was the name her parents wrote on her birth certificate. Because people made mistakes while pronouncing the name, it was changed to simply "Oprah." She was born in a Mississippi Community and had an illiterate family.


Matthew Perry has been known for his role in the famous TV series "Friends." But while waving his hand towards the camera, no one noticed that the tip of his middle finger is missing. This has been his addiction towards video games as a result of which the flesh, nail, and the bone of his finger were gone, and some sources have also claimed that he was an expert masturbator.


Amy Adams has been able to get a larger fan base because of her appearance as Lois Lane in DC's "Man of Steel." She stayed at Hooters and was able to purchase a car a few weeks later. She later received appreciation for her role in "Junebug."


J.K. Rowling has been famous as an author, especially to mention "Harry Potter" and "Fantastic Beasts." Before her boost in career, she was a Secretary. Whenever her boss was absent, she used to daydream a lot. As a result, she used to forget her daily duties, which led her to be fired from the job.


Alfred Hitchcock has been known for starting the genre of serial killer films with his 1960 cult classic "Psycho." He was a binge eater, and this was because of his Catholic upbringing. He was sent to the police station by his father to ask for his arrest as a result of his bad behavior.


Jim Carrey played the lead role in "Ace Ventura." He spent two years of his life as a janitor. He has said once that though it was a bad phase of his life, he learned some good lessons as he was supporting his family.


A lot of people are unfamiliar with the incidents of Theodore Roosevelt's life. He survived a shot in his chest and later, also delivered a speech that covered up around 90 minutes of time. He used to carry a 50-page textbook along with a casing of metal, which prevented the impact of the bullet.


Emma Stone has done some significant roles in movies and has been able to earn billions. She has denied her blonde nature and because the blonde color was defined as fake and dumb as a result of which Emma and many other actresses dyed their hair from blonde to red.


Most people are unaware of the fact that Bob Marley's father avoided the combat of the first World War by pretending to be sick. Bob Marley was a part of the Rastafarian movement, and those people used cannabis for different rituals as a result of which, Bob got addicted to the same.


Steve Buscemi was a part of New York City Firefighters at the age of 18. He got so much interest in this activity that he tried to come back again during the 9/11 attacks and worked in hourly shifts daily. He repeated the same service during the Super Storm Sandy in 2012.


The father of Woody Harrelson was a hitman and a cold-blooded murderer. In 1978, he killed John H. Wood, who was the District Judge of the U.S. and three other people whose identities are still unknown. He was also associated with the assassination of JFK. It is still hard to think about how Woody has managed to become a successful man today, despite going through the toughest phases in his early life.


There are a large number of celebrities who started their career from an empty stage. Madonna was one of them. The "Queen of Pop" arrived with only $35 in her pocket at the Big Apple and worked at Dunkin' Donuts to collect some cash. She also filled coffee cups to fulfill her ambition as a successful artist.


Johnny Depp has played some acclaimed roles in his career like Mad Hatter and Tonto, which required heavy clown makeup. There was a time when there were reports about sightings of evil clowns. People claimed that this had been a result of the appearance of the famous actor in different clown type roles.

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