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37 Funny Way Signs that convey the right message

by Qunki Team | funny
Home > funny > 37 Funny Way Signs that convey the right message

When the drivers pass these signs on the roadside they sure must be rolling with laughter. Life experiences conveyed with a sense of humour.

1. You sure will miss the turkey too if you turn vegan.

2. Brain teaser at its best.

3. There is a dim wit in every group.

4. Do lettuce know if you have any farm grown vegetables.

5. That is one pressing environmental issue.

6. Common sense is uncommon to common people.

7. Caffeine increases depression.

8. Stuffy nose has a solution now.

9. We all know our politicians are butt of all jokes.

10. Whatever the season our wishes are true.

11. Never mind a communist.

12. Mountains and hills sure know how to keep the balance.

13. Difference between a dog and cat person.

14. Everyone loves you frankly!

15. A chocoholic’s excuse.

16. Practice what you preach.

17. We know where the killer hides.

18. When life gives you lemons.

19. Say cheese!

20. When you are a grammar Nazi.

21. Please read the prescription properly.

22. Someone messed up the words.

23. Not in the mood lately.

24. We all love expensive things.

25. The wires are bare honey!

26. Try reading that when it’s foggy.

27. Never blow your own trumpet.

28. When no one can find the Y to the X.

29. Slippery fingers anyone.

30. The world is not round you see.

31. I don’t need your drama in my life.

32. We are very dysfunctional family.

33. Life is short and you can’t get out alive.

34. Music is life.

35. Don’t sit in the sun without sunglasses.

36. Something got stuck in my tooth.

37. The train has too many motives.

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