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Celebrities Who Attempted Suicide And Failed

by Qunki Team | celebrities
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Success and failures are the two most important and toughest stages of our life. Even a famous scholar has said once - "Failure is the pillar of success". Some people have followed this quote and has achieved success at a different level. However, there are a few percent of people who doesn't have the strength to face failure. Sometimes, the failure comes in such a way that it brings a large amount of loss for a particular person. This has also been a key reason for suicide attempts. Here are a few celebrities who tries to commit suicide but failed -


Eminem is a very popular name in the music industry. Before he became famous as a top singer, he was living in poverty and was disappointed for not being able to give a good life to his daughter. His first album "Infinite" was a big failure as a result of which he attempted suicide at the age of 24 by taking an overdose of Tylenol.


Mike Tyson, known as the boxing legend, called his wife one day threatening to commit suicide. The year was 1988. Later, it was revealed that he was not wearing a seatbelt which ultimately led his BMW crash into a tree. He was charged of rape and spent three years in prison. Even, his daughter passed away in a treadmill accident.


Britney Spears has managed to make it to the top singers of the Hollywood industry. After her marriage with Kevin Federline, she witnessed a rough time. She even shaved her head as a result of going through problems. Later, she visited a rehab and luckily, things got back to normal.


Ozzy Osbourne has struggled a lot before becoming a famous star. He left his school at the age of 15 and also attempted suicide at the same time. His song "Suicide Solution" has also helped a lot of people to deal with their problems instead of giving up on them.


Elton John has never expressed properly about the problems of his life. He once attempted suicide by taking an overdose of Valium and then jumped to the pool. He also tried to kill himself in an oven by putting his head inside it. One of his song "Someone Saved My Life Tonight" deals with the problems of suicide and reality.


The singer Billy Joel has also tried to kill himself before becoming a famous star. When his career was a bit declining, he attempted suicide through various ways but failed at the same time. However, as time passed away, his music also became famous among people.


If your husband is Prince Charles, you definitely expect life to be as better as good. Unfortunately, it was not for Princess Diana. Diana attempted suicide for atleast five times. These included cutting of wrist and chest, throwing herself towards a glass cabinet and through the lemon slicer. The reasons are still unknown.


Drew Barrymore has openly confessed about her problem of substance abuse. She was addicted to cocaine at the age of 13 and as a result, she had to be a member of the rehab centre after her attempts to suicide failed for a multiple number of times.


Halle Berry has been one of those rare artists who has managed to win the Best Actress Academy Award. Her first marriage was a big failure which led her to attempt suicide and was going through depression at the early stages of her career.


Owen Wilson tried to commit suicide by cutting his wrists in the year 2007. He also took an overdose of pills and tried to end his life. Sources claim that the reason might be his ex-girlfriend Kate Hudson whom he witnessed with her new boyfriend.


Johnny Cash is still known for his work in the field of music. However, he had a tough time in his life during his early years. He took an overdose of drugs and had no sense for a couple of hours. He also experienced a near death incident in the year 1968 when he was just 36 years old.


Fantasia has been the winner of American Idol Season 3. She was famous at that time but unfortunately, her first album failed terribly. Later, she enjoyed a time of popularity and success between the audience but later tried to kill herself in the year 2010. The reason is unclear but sources claim the ups and downs in her musical career.


Donna Summer has been known as the "Queen of Disco" among her fans. She was going through a bad phase during 1970 when she was a single mother. She had a top 40 hit during 1975 to 1984 and despite that, she tried to commit suicide as she was a victim of depression.


Sinéad O'Connor has been known among people for his songs that helped people to battle depression and bad stages of their life. The latest reports have said that he tried to jump from the Chicago bridge. He used to express his problems on Facebook and Twitter as his mother passed away in a car accident.


Drew Carey has been a very famous host. He publicly announced his suicide on the social networking site as a result of which, his followers requested him to not give up so easily. Also, he was going through a lot of depression in the various stages of his life.

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