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Child Stars You Never Thought Would Grow Up To Be This Super Attractive

by Qunki Team | celebrity and gossip
Home > celebrity and gossip > Child Stars You Never Thought Would Grow Up To Be This Super Attractive

Have you ever wondered what happened to the child stars you used to see about a decade ago? Have they grown up to be hot and handsome? Check this article to know more about the top 7 transformations of child stars.

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1 Abigail Breslin From Little Miss Sunshine

To be honest, Abigail Breslin looked quite weird in Little Miss Sunshine. But seeing her now, nobody could have ever imagined she would become this hot.

2 Michelle Trachtenberg From Harriet The Spy

Michelle Trachtenberg looked quite weird in Harriet The Spy, but look at her now in Eurotrip and you will understand how sexy she has become.

3 Georgie Henley From Chronicle Of Narnia

Georgie Henleyplayed the character of Lucy in the movie The Chronicle of Narnia when she was only 10 years old. Now she has grown into a hot babe.

4 Jonathan Lipnicki From Jerry MaGuire

Jonathan Lipnicki was that cute kid in Jerry MaGuire. He also acted in Stuart Little. Now he has a hot body, is a Brazilian Jujutsu master, and has also started acting again.

5 Meagan Good From Cousin Skeeter

Meagan Goodacted in the third season of Cousin Skeeter. She looked quite weird back then, but now she has become matured and recently got a chance to act in 50 Cents music video for 21 Questions.

6 Isabelle Fuhrman From The Orphan

Isabelle Fuhrmanplayed the character of a creepy and dangerous kid in The Orphan. Now she is quite hot and has started acting in major movies like The Hunger Games.

7 Shia LaBeoufFrom Even Steven

Shia LaBeoufwas that weird kid in Disneys Even Steven. And look at him now, he is grabbing big roles in movies like Transformers and also became quite popular after acting in theSia music video.

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