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17 Celebs Who Did Not Shave Their Armpits To Give A Powerful Message

by Qunki Team | celebrity and gossip
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Its time women grow their own confidence and throw their razors away! Many celebrities are embracing the powerful message of not shaving their under arms! Many people find this very shocking, how can you not shave your underarms? Do any of you even know why women shave their arm pits? It is simple, back in May 1915 an advert in a magazine with a girl wearing a sleeveless dress was posted, and before that it was unheard of. Before then there was no need to shave the pits for objectionable hair, but it started the trend! Now we live in a world governed by trends, and the view of how women should be, when you should be who you want to be. Beauty means no hair these days, so throw away the razor like these celebrities have done to call it quits with trends and say natural is beautiful! Love what mother nature has given you. Here is a list of celebrities not caring about their unshaven underarms.

1 Julia Roberts

Here we see the beautiful Julia Sporting a nice long and sleek red dress, and a full patch of under arm hair. And she still rocks the outfit!

2 Madonna

Being a strong personality in the music business, Madonna is courageous enough to show off her under arm hair.

3 BilliMucklow

Billi looks happy to show off how her under arm hair is actually trying to grow OUT of her dress. And more surprisingly so, her partner Andy Carrol had tweeted the photo.

4 Drew Barrymore

Being a free spirited person, it is no surprise that Drew is a part of this drive against shaving. And she still looks great doing it.

5 Hilary Swank

This gorgeous actress wasnt shy to pose elegantly with her little tuft of armpit hair for all the photographers.

6 Beyonc

The Queen Bee is even taking the step towards being an icon to tell women everywhere to love themselves.

7 Pixie Lott

This blonde bombshell looks great and everyone loves her for it.

8 Juliette Lewis

Juliette is no shy person, even when it comes to blatantly showing off her under arms to the world.

9 Miley Cyrus

Miley is quite the feminist, but with everything she does she will always take it another step further. Not only is she growing her own bush of hair, she has even dyed it pink!

10 Halle Berry

Calm and beautiful, Halle is smiling happily.

11 Barbara Streisand

Barbara has always been a little quirky, but she is famous for this pose with her unshaven pits.

12 Amanda Palmer

Amanda wasnt shy to lift her arms during a powerful performance with full length hairs greeting the audience.

13 Helena Bonham Carter

She may just be out in public on an average day, but this just goes to show that she is comfortable in her own skin.

14 Britney Spears

Britney loves being the centre of attention, and even more so with unshaven pits. That is quite a string statement she made.

15 Kelly Rowland

Another celeb smiling and showing her pits In a casual manner.

16 Jemima Kirke

Hair seems to go well with all her tattoos.

17 Sophia Loren

This just to show that this trend seems to keep coming back with celebrities, since this one was taken back in 1961.

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