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These People Died After Selfies

by Qunki Team | wtf
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Sad But True: People have actually died from or moments after taking selfies!


When we take pictures, we want to capture a moment, something that we can cherish later. Sadly moments after the following selfies were taken these people died.

2 Xenia Ignatyeva

Some people lately are going to extreme lengths to take pictures of themselves in the most bizarre situations. Don't!

3 Singer Jenni Rivera

This is so sad, singer Rivera is one of many entertainers lost in a private jet crash, but the only one who has left us a selfie.

4 Courtney Sanford

Oh geez, we hope she wasn't driving while on her smartphone? Nevertheless be safe and NOT drive while texting, picture taking or talking!

5 Musician, Jadiel

Sadly, this moment turned out to be the last Jadiels family, friends and fans got to see him.

6 Malaysian Airlines MH17

Gary and his Mom look so happy, this pic is so touchingly poignant before their crash.

7 While In The Car

The sooner using a smartphone in the car is banned in ALL cities, the better.

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