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The 9 Most Evil Children Who Ever Lived In The History

by Qunki Team | wtf
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The 9 Most Evil Children Who Ever Lived In The History

1 Joshua Phillips

Joshua Phillips was from the big town of Jacksonville, Florida. When Joshua was just 14, he killed eight-year-old neighbour Maddie Clifton on November 15, 1998.

When Maddie had disappeared, the very first suspect was Larry Grisham, another neighbour who had a criminal record, including two sexual assaults. Joshua even offered his help in the search to take any suspicious off him.

His Mom was tidying his room one day, when she saw the water bed had a leak. A closer check would reveal that a body was under Phillips bed. The body revealed blunt force trauma and several stabbings.

Joshua had asked Maggie over to play catch. He stated that he had thrown the ball too hard and hit her in the head. To evade getting in trouble, he hit her unconscious with a club, then took her to his room and put her under his bed where she later started to move and make sounds. To keep her quiet, he finished her by stabbing her. Phillip was indicted with life in prison with no option for parole.

2 Eric Smith

He was barely into his teen years at 13, when he battered and murdered Derrick Robie who was only four years old on August 2, 1993 in Steuben County, New York. Derrick and Eric lived in discrete areas of the town, though they both went to the same baseball team only a block from Derricks house. Derricks mother was looking after her youngest child when she made the unfortunate choice to let her son walk that block alone. It only took five short minutes only, then Derrick was swayed off the walkway and led deep into the forest by Eric. That is where he was sexually abused and killed. Eric confessed to this terrible crime but never gave a motive to why he went through with it. He was condemned to nine years to life and was found guilty of second-degree murder.

3 Paul Henry Gingerich

This homicide took place in the lovely state of Indiana, where 12-year-old Gingerich turn out to be the youngest child in the states history to be tried and condemned as an adult.

Paul was with friends in the town of Cromwell close to Michigans boundary. After visiting for a while the three boys decided to run away, but one of his friends said that his dad would never allow it.

The boys developed a plan to kill Phillip Danner, the father of Colt Lundy who the lads believed would not allow their runaway plans. They stole the firearm from the step dad. The boys were all punished to prison time, but Gingerich got the lengthiest sentence for firing the shot that would kill the boys dad.

4 Andrew Wurst

At the gentle age of only 14,Wurstent to his eighth grade grad dance. Opening fire at his colleagues, he murdered John Gillette and seriously injured two other pupils and a teacher. Andrew arrived late at his middle school dance, being held at a cafeteria in Edinboro, Pennsylvania, with his fathers .25 caliber pistol. Wurst also left a suicide note at home, but in its place opened fire on his colleagues, deciding not to turn the firearm on himself. Wurst would be sentenced to third-degree homicide and attempted homicide to avoid a trial. He was condemned to 30 to 60 years behind bars.

5 Andrew Golden And Mitchell Johnson

Johnson and Golden were scholars at Westside Middle School in Craighead County, Arkansas, when one day they showed up at school armed to the gills with weapons. They would shoot anappalling 15 students, murdering five of them; four were scholars and one a tutor.

Johnson was only 13, and Golden was 11, but the two partook in the worst killing sprees in a school in American History. The two boys became friends while taking the bus and were distinguished bullies, both frequently talking about joining a gang. The two stole the weapons and ammo from several family members. Golden has since then been released while Johnson still sits in a cold prison cell.

6 Lionel Tate

Lionel Tate was to set a record that nobody would want. He turn out to be the youngest person in the United States to be condemned to life in prison without the possibility of parole. The verdict was handed down to him when he was 13, back in 2001, though Tate committed the homicide in 1999 when he was only 12. Tate murdered a six-year-old girl named Tiffany Eunick in Broward County, Florida.

Tate lied to the police and had stated that he and Tiffany were tussling when she quit breathing. Further investigation exposed that Tate had stomped on her hard enough to tear her liver and cracked her skull.

7 Jesse Pomeroy

Born on November 29, 1859, in Charles town, Massachusetts, Jesse Pomeroy was given the prize for being the youngest individual to be sentenced for first degree murder. Committing dreadful deeds against other kids at just 11, he tied up and tortured numerous children pretending that he was only going to play house with them. After he was caught, Pomeroy was sent to a reform institution where he was to stay until he was 21, but he was free after just a year and a half on good behaviour. Three years later, he killed a four-year-old boy, who was later found maimed in Dorchester Bay. He was then sentenced to life imprisonment, where he stayed in solitary confinement. He later pass awayfrom natural causes in prison at the age of 72.

8 Mary Bell

When she was 11 years young, this cruel Brit was given the nameThe Tyneside strangler. She in fact killed someone before her 11th birthday, when she smothered a four-year-old named Martin Brown to death.

Later on in that same year, Bell continued her ruthless killing spree and committed yet another massacre, but this time she had a collaborator. Bell, with her new friend named Norma, murdered a three-year-old named Brian Howe. His body was so severely beaten the cause of death was undecided. Then the psychopath Bell went back to Howes body to cut an M into her stomach to mark her slaying, then went on maiming Howe with a pair of scissors. Bell was given a charge of murder, but was thenfree at the age of only 23 years and has since become a mom and a grandmother herself. As far as anyone knows, she has not committed another murder since.

9 Amarjeet Sada

The youngest killer in history comes from India. Amarjeet Sada was an eight-year-old at that time.

Sadasmom left her six-month-old daughter at the graduate school she taught at and called the police after noticing that she had vanished. The police later found the girls body near the Musahari village, where Sadaadmitted to them that he had strangled the little girl. The facts of the babys passing were ghastly, as Sada crushed the tiny baby with a large rock.

Sada was receiving psychiatric therapy for a variety of mental difficulties that had led to his young sisters demise. A further study also exposed that Sada may have not only been responsible for the murder of his sister, but his young cousin also, who was only nine months old at the time. Sada would commit yet another murder, when he killed his neighbours six-month-old baby. Amarjeet Sada is indisputably the most shocking child serial killer, and its indeterminate that he should see the light of day again.

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