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14 Dangerous Headaches And How to Treat Them

by Qunki Team | health and fitness
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Headaches are painful. Not only do they cause pain but they irritate too. Medical science says that the brain doesn't trigger signals directly to cause a headache. It is the nerves, chemicals in the brain, blood vessels, and tissues. Medical experts say that they know more about headaches and the precise reasons for their occurrence than they knew a few years back. Whether reasons are known or not known, Headaches are the real menace. Let us see in detail the 14 dangerous headaches and ways to treat them to get rid of the same.

1 Rebound Headaches

different types of headaches and causes

This type of the headache is caused when medicines are overly used. Taking medications like Ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin), Aspirin and Acetaminophen (Tylenol) continuously or frequently for more than a week can result in a headache. Consuming Migraine drugs (Triptans) for more than ten days in a month can also cause headaches that are termed as Rebound headaches. Even using nasal decongestants regularly causes the nose to be permanently stuffy resulting in headaches that are rebound in nature

2 Tension Headaches

types of head aches and causes and effects

Tension headaches are usually felt on both sides of the forehead, the back side of the neck and shoulders. Such headaches are caused due to high levels of anxiety experienced, unmanageable stress levels and in jaws. Such headaches keep throbbing around the areas mentioned and do not cause pain. Medical experts opine that such headaches are caused because of changes in the chemical levels in the human brain. Another reason as per Medical professionals is the confused signals that the nerves in the brain send through due to which headaches are caused. Usually, this type of headaches wades off when pain relievers like Ibuprofen, Aspirin, and Acetaminophen are taken

3 Dental Headaches

types of head aches and causes bleeding

The other kind of headaches that causes pain is Dental headaches. Dental ailments act as the basic reasons for such headaches. Dental headaches create a condition called Bruxism which in normal terms is the pain in the face. Dental headaches also cause another medical condition referred to as TMJ, Temporomandibular Joint Disorder. This affects the joints which connect the skull to the jaws. Temporomandibular Joint Disorder may be caused when the jaw alignment is bad, high-stress levels, Jaw muscles, and ligaments that are affected, the cartilage that has been affected by Arthritis and bad posture. Treatments are available for Dental headaches. Go in for byte guards and cold and hot packs. Seek the advice of your Dentist who will be able to help you get rid of these dental headaches

4 Cluster Headache

types of head aches and causes effects

Cluster headaches are also termed as Suicide Headaches. They cause pain and are more mostly short-lived. They may last for anywhere between 15 minutes and 3 hours. Cluster Headaches do not have any particular periodicity and do not occur regularly. Such kind of headaches may be experienced multiple times on a given day, and then they may not occur for many months after that. People who experience the cluster headache may get tears in one or both years. Eyes may become reddish. This type of headaches prevails more on men than women generally. While many reasons contribute to cluster headaches, main ones are cigarette smoking, extreme height, drinking and eating some foods which are prone to cause such headaches. Cluster Headaches get cured with the help of Triptans and oxygen. Ordinary OTC painkillers will not help to get rid of Cluster Headaches

5 Migraines

types of head aches and causes gas

Migraines are the worst kind of headaches that affect women thrice more than men. Hormonal changes, increased stress levels, eating habits and sleeping habits trigger Migraine. Medical Professionals advice that people must observe what causes Migraine in them. Once they find the cause, they must refrain from doing things that cause the headache. For instance if someone observes that whenever they skip meals, they tend to get Migraine headache, they must ensure that they do not skip meals and avoid getting affected by Migraine headaches.

6 Caffeine Headaches

types of head aches and causes headaches

Caffeine headaches are caused due to coffee habits. For instance, a person who is used to having two cups of coffee every morning before a particular time tend to get Caffeine Headache if on a given day he misses having one or both the cups of coffee before that particular time. Drinking too much of coffee every day may also result in a caffeine headache. As per medical experts people who suffer from Caffeine Headache two options in front of them. One is to continue with the caffeine addiction or to quit the caffeine habit altogether

7 Orgasm Headaches

types of head aches and causes kidney stones

As the name suggests, these headaches occur during sexual intercourses, more so in men than women. Typically, orgasm headache starts immediately after the intercourse starts and ends when the intercourse ends. In the end, the headache appears to like having been hit by a thunderbolt. This type of headache may be dull or severe. Based on the severity the headache may last longer for a day to many days. Taking a pain killer before the sexual intercourse may help in easing out the pain.

8 Early morning headaches

types of head aches and causes migraines

If you get up in the morning with a headache, it may be due to either Migraine which usually attacks during the morning times or a Rebound Headache caused by medication that was taken during the previous night. People who suffer from sleep apnea also suffer from morning headaches. And drive out those hypochondriacs around. For all you know, early morning headaches can be pointing out to tumor in the brain

9 Sinus Headaches

types of head aches and causes jaundice

Mostly, Migraine headaches are mistaken for Sinus Headaches since both types of headaches have same symptoms like watery eyes, Nose blockage, and pressure because of Sinus. Sinus Headaches are caused due to the infection that causes greenish red discharge from the nose. Sinus infections can be cured with antibiotics and does not cause sensitivity to light and nausea which are unique symptoms of Migraine Headaches

10 Ice Cream Headache

types of head aches and causes of

Ice cream headaches are felt when people enjoy highly chilled Ice creams and juices. The head ache feels like a shooting pain in the head. People who are prone to get Migraine headaches tend to experience this shooting sensation while eating chill things often. While this is medically referred to as Sphenopalatine Ganglioneuralgia, the pain might have been caused just because of the cold sensation that the roof of the mouth experiences making the brain arteries get increasing blood flow. To get immediate relief from such a pain, stop eating the cold stuff momentarily and drink some hot water. This will help the brain arteries to balance out the situation

11 Chronic Daily Headaches

types of head aches and causes symptoms

Some people tend to have headaches for more than 15 days during a month. This may be the case stretched out over months. Such people are said to be having chronic daily headaches. Such headaches may be caused either due to medications are taken for pain or any head injury. Sometimes it may even be due to tumors or meningitis. Such headaches can be controlled with the help of antidepressants, Metoprolol, Propanolol, anti-seizure medications, for instance, Gabapentin or Topiramate, pain relievers like Aleve (Naproxen) and Botox injections.

12 Menstrual Headaches

types of headaches and what causes them

Imbalances in the Estrogen hormone can cause headaches in women during menstrual periods. Such headaches occur three days in advance and two days after the menstrual periods. These headaches are not Migraine headaches. The symptoms that accompany such headaches are cramps and moodiness. Magnesium supplements can help women get relief from menstrual headaches

13 Weekend Headaches

types of head aches and causes pain

Weekend headaches are those type of headaches caused due to excessive sleeping on the week end mornings or late sleeping. Weekend headaches may also be caused due to caffeine habits also. Such headaches are caused due to the high-stress levels experienced which get released during weekends. Across the counter medicines and maintaining healthy sleep habits will help to avoid weekend headaches

14 Emergency Headaches

types of head aches and causes quickly

Not all situations cause emergency headaches. However, though this type of head ache occurs all of a sudden it makes one feel like an explosive blast in the head. Such head aches come with high fever and blood pressure or after a massive hit on the head. Some of the symptoms of Emergency head ache are stiff neck and changes in vision or hearing. Some may experience muscle weakness and loss of sensation adding to the severe head ache.

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