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Surprising Things Roommates Stole From People

by Qunki Team | funny
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Most of the people are not used to a word like an adjustment. But when it comes to renting a room, adjustments must be made because it is the only way to live every day peacefully. Sometimes, this situation comes as a blessing especially in circumstances where the habits and conditions of one's roommate completely match each other. But this thing might become a problem later because a person might not know everything about his roommate. There have been people whose personal belongings were stolen by their roommates. This has also led to some people being forced to change their room.

Im moving out and my old roommate stole my forks. I cant wait to never see him again.
My old roommate stole my service dog cause she was the one who got him for me
I was too embarrassed to buy anal beads, so I bought a cheap pearl necklace. My roommate stole it and wore it on a date.
Old roommate stole my mother’s ashes... now he won’t give them back...What kinda person does that!??
I want to stream again but my old roommate stole my Xbox when he moved out...
My roommate stole and used my contacts today because they were in the bathroom and she forgot that  hers were on the nightstand.ROAR
Used to wear jockstraps then my former roommate stole them all when I moved out
Years ago an awful roommate stole my box of video games. I was going through boxes today and found these that happened to get separated. Im so happy, Im crying.
For my birthday,  i brought myself a njce pair of diamonds earrings,  my roommate stole them and pawned them for soda. 😭
Just found out my roommate stole my dirty pictures from my phone and has been catfishing guys as me getting them to pay her for my photos. Im pissed at her but more mad at myself.
My ex roommate stole almost all my makeup 😭
Absolutely devistated. My roommate stole all of the money I had been saving for my wedding and ran off . I’ll never be able to make back that money in time
Roommate stole my p0ppers... so I found them in his room... dumped them out... and put the empty bottle back... too far?
When youre a broke college student and your roommate stole your nail clippers for some ungodly reason...
My roommate stole the last toilet paper roll out of my bathroom because he didn’t have any in his bathroom... like BUY YOUR OWN.
My roommate stole some of my pain meds! What do I do? Also can I ask my doctor for a refill?!
My dorm roommate stole my gf
Pretty sure my roommate stole money back out of the rent jar. She was already short on paying us so my fiance and I have been busting our asses to cover it all, and now an extra 50$ is missing.
Roommate stole my lighter and now I can’t light my bowl 😭
Ex roommate stole my tattoo money Actually super devastated
Ex roommate stole my meds. Now has a warrant for her arrest and has $900 she owes me for those meds
My roommate stole my chicken nuggets... Im very upset
Anyone have some cyclobenzaprine? I really need and my asshole roommate stole my last two.
My roommate stole my vibrator 😅
My vegan roommate stole my refried beans but the jokes on her I fried them in bacon grease*Cant wait to tell her* 😂
my loser roommate stole my chopping board and a bottle of liquor, ideas for revenge?
My roommate stole all my panties as a prank and now I have to go to work commando. I’m a waitress and my uniform includes a tight skirt. Fml
My pos roommate stole all my quarters I use for laundry so she could buy a fucking pack of cigarettes. She can go to fucking hell.
My roommate stole my chocolate again😠
My roommate stole my credit cards and tried denying it. Found a Receipt in her car with the last four digits of my card number. Had her arrested and I don’t feel bad.
Broooo I used to have a silver dollar I think my old roommate stole
My roommate stole my blanket so I made this one.
I was vaping but a roommate stole my rig when she moved out and I dont feel like dropping the money again lol
My roommate stole my towel and now I can’t have a shower 🙄
My roommate stole all my weed and I cant afford to get anymore... f19
My roommate stole my wallet because I never really used it in what world is it okay to take something just because they dont use it every day?
Does anyone have a safety pin my roommate stole my condoms so Im going to teach him a valuable lesson
My roommate stole a parcel I was expecting and lied about it not arriving. Ive given her multiple chances to come clean but she doesnt
My roommate stole my pain killers from my surgery and I dont know how to tell her I know she did it
My roommate stole my energy drink out of the fridge took three sips out of it and then threw it away. 😤
Think my old roommate stole my sugar when he moved out last week.(College dorms and he switched rooms with someone)
I think my roommate stole my sex toys
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