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Logo Fails That Are Hilarious!

by Qunki Team | wtf
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There are so many companies and foundations from around the world and all of them have their own logo that they pay someone to make. Well, usually they do. But every once in a while the creator of a logo really didnt pay attention to what they were doing. So using your imagination, read on for more logo fails and a good laugh.

1 K9 Compassion Foundation

30 worst logo fails logo fails danger dolanSource

This foundation definitely has a good cause in mind and they work hard to help dogs in need. We get that in the picture, but the question is, that silhouette really looks questionable though.

2 KosteleckeUzeniny

30 logo fails top Source

This ad for this particular European company appears to have been around for quite a long time, and even though their logo looks pretty suggestive (really doesnt look like a food company) they still havent changed it.

3 Dodge of Burnsville

10 logo failsSource

It will boggle all our minds if we try and figure out why John Adamich didnt realize the way db is put together actually looks very phallic

4 Taiwan Health Bureau

best logos of all timeSource

Taiwan is definitely an interesting country, especially since this comes off as a government entity. What exactly are these three doing? Do you see it? Or do you have a clean and innocent mind and only see three people dancing in a Conga line

5 Pride in Oldham!

poorly designed productsSource

So, the Oldham design team either didnt see it, or they meant to make the owl look like a god to be worshiped

6 Catholic Churchs Archdiocesan Youth Commission

create funny logo fun logos for kidsSource

This is some serious stuff right here. How did this happen? Would you let your children go to this youth commission? Did a graphic designer troll the church or is this what the church wanted? All these questions

7 A-Style

bad logo designsSource

I dont know about you, but I have never heard of doing it in A-style. This logo is descriptive in showing the hows and all that.


worst company logos Source

This is quite a nice and simple design. I think it may have been more effective if there was only one OGC since, well you know, turn the logo on its side and you will see what I mean.

9 Mont-Sat

biggest logo fails everSource

I think this dish is so high up it sees everything! That is probably the only s=reason he looks SO happy

11 China Restaurant

worst logos ever worst corporate logosSource

This is one of those cases that once you see it, you are forever unclean.

12 Clinical Dental

worst logos of all time pepsi logo failSource

Anyone should be happy to visit this dentist with how well they take care of their patients.

13 Computer Doctor

poor design examplesSource

This one could actually be intentional, considering most people use their computers to look at p0rn, and they just want to fix your computer to further that cause.

14 Locum

top 30 logo failsSource

So, how did this one happen? This one is a little too obvious to slide through excuse the pun. But the name is Locum!

15 The Texas Longhorns

worst logo failsSource

A silhouette of a bull, now every bull you see will look like ovaries to you.

16 Kudawara Pharmacy

logo changes that failedSource

It seems these pharmacists will do anything to help you find out what is wrong with you, by being extremely hands on. That should be a good thing, shouldnt it?

17 Kids Exchange

top 10 fails the best fails everSource

I think there is a reason obvious spaces is important in a sentence. To avoid any awkward confusion. Or even, maybe this designer needs to learn how to do kerning properly.

18 Junior Jazz Dance Class

best fail of the week best fails of all timeSource

How many people are in this logo? Wait, two faces or none? But you will laugh when you see it!

19 Pepsi

worst logo fails logo changes Source

This might actually be a clever ad by Pepsi that sells a soda drink to fat people and with a fat person in their logo, it might actually be an effective ad campaign.

20 2012 London Olympics

that failed top 10 fails the best fails everSource

This one may be a little bit out there, but the shapes still suggest some awkward sex going on at the Olympics.

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