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Early Warning Signs That You May Have HIV Infection

by Qunki Team | health and fitness
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Physical illness do not come secretly. Most of the physical ailments come with clear symptoms that point out to the illness directly. However big or small the disease is symptoms must be watched out for so that you can get medical attention immediately. Even big diseases like Aids has some symptoms expressed to show out its invasion inside the body. Watch out for the following symptoms and rush for medical attention if you have any of these.

1 Rashes all over the skin

early signs and symptoms of hiv

If you happen to observe reddish rashes spread all over the body all of a sudden, seek medical attention immediately since this may be an indication that you have been infected with HIV

2 Losing weight all of a sudden

cognitive changes early signs of hiv infection

If you feel that you are losing body weight all of a sudden in a significant manner, rush to your Doctor immediately. This may be an indication that you are affected by HIV

3 Reproductive health getting affected

aids and hiv signs and symptoms

It is easy for infections due to yeast and bacteria to invade women who are diagnosed HIV positive. The absence of regular periods or changes in menstrual cycles may be direct indications to contracting HIV. Women who have such symptoms must immediately check with Doctors for possibilities of HIV.

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4 Swollen glands

after how long do hiv signs appear

The lymph nodes present all over our body may get severely swollen if we are affected by HIV. So in case, you feel sudden swelling in one or more parts of our body, in particular, the armpits, groin, rear head and neck, may be HIV is on the cards. Check out.

5 Nails that look unhealthy

common hiv signs and symptoms

Brittle nails that turn yellowish and break may indicate HIV contraction. So if you observe that your nails are becoming unhealthy, get in touch with your medical Practitioner immediately.

6 Sore throat with headache

all hiv signs and symptoms

This is a rare combination. However when you feel you are affected by both of these at the same time, probably they are pointers to HIV contraction. Consult with your Doctor if you need to test for HIV

7 Pain in the muscles

are boils signs of hiv

Muscle ache and pain in the hands, back and leg joints that debilitate even simple daily chores may be indications to having HIV. Beware. If you have unbearable excruciating pain in the joints and muscles together seek medical assistance immediately

8 Fever and sweating

early hiv signs and symptoms

If you experience fever ranging between 37.6*C and 38.2*C (99.8*F and 100.8*F) initially, it may appear very normal. But a prolonged period with this temperature along with excessive sweating in the night may be pointers to the early stage of HIV infection. Check out on your Medical Practitioner without any further delay

9 Short Term Memory loss

common early hiv signs

Though this is a symptom caused during advanced stages of HIV, if you have any symptoms, better check up. For all you know, any serious ailment may cause short term memory loss

10 Unmanageably extreme fatigue

early signs and symptoms of hiv virus infection

If you are an active person and you notice yourself getting bogged down with tiredness all of a sudden in the recent times, go in for a check up to find out if you are HIV positive

Even though these are common symptoms of HIV infection, these signs won't always say the person is infected. Sometimes these signs come with other diseases as well. Always consult your doctor if you have such sign.

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