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Surprising Things People Wish They Knew About Their Spouses Before Marriage

by Qunki Team | relationship
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Marriage is the next step of a relationship. It doesn't matter whether its a love marriage or an arranged marriage, in both situations, a couple starts knowing each other in a better way because they get to live in their private space forever. However, a person has his own rules and insecurities towards some things. It is important to clear them out before moving in because if this remains hidden and is revealed later after many years of getting married, it can easily ruin a relationship.

Expecting people to change can be a letdown.

I wish I knew my husband would NEVER want kids. I made the mistake of thinking he would change as he got older.

Resolving issues is important.

I wish I new how he would deal with stress. we deal with in completely different ways and it can be frustrating trying to resolve issues.


How often he farts. Especially in his sleep. Our bedroom smells like someone died in there every morning..
My husband is asexual, i didnt know this before we got married, i love him so much but i dont know what i should do about it
That hes been struggling with his sexuality since he was 11 and is actually gay.

Do you really know the person you're with?

That he was lying to me about who he was & countless other things since the day we met. I found out two days after the honeymoon and initiated divorce proceedings.
I wish I would have known him better before we got married....


I wish I had noticed that when he brushes his teeth he spits all over the faucet. Disgusting!!
That he would shut me out and just play video games. His addiction has really been taking a toll on our marriage and our family. If I wanted to feel like a single mom, Id have not gotten married


That she would change completely after kids and Ill have to lose everything in order to have any meaningful happiness in my life.
She was raped as a girl and didnt tell me before we got married. Years later it comes out

Intimacy issues.

Wish I knew before I got married that my wife doesnt like to give oral
That I was allergic to his sperm.

What's romance?

That he has no idea what romance means.I probably would have married him anyway. It just would have been nice to know.

Secrets like this.

Found out my wife cheated on me before we got married and I found out after we got marriedđź’”
I just found out my ex got a girl pregnant two months before we got married.
Not sure how to handle finding out my wife cheated on me multiple times with her ex before we got married 15 years ago...
My husband finally admitted to cheating on me before we got married , more than once..i knew all along but its different hearing him say it.

Personality differences.

The more time goes on the more I see my wife and have almost nothing in common. And she made it seem different before we got married

Not wanting the same things.

The biggest stab in the back is agreeing to start a family before we got married and now changing your mind.
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